Planetary Mixers


3 litres to 2500 litres

Application(For dry & Dough Mixing):

Planetary mixers are an ideal mixer for the products of different viscosities, densities, shapes & proportions. The major uses include the production of latexes, dispersion & micro – dispersion of Chemicals, Explosive & agricultural pesticide formulations. It is suitable for mixing / blending powders as well as through mixing of ointments, creams, lotions, toothpastes, resins, slurries, ceramics, colors, pigments, rubber & other compounds.

Working Principle Planetary Mixers

Planetary mixers consist of a single or double blade with a high speed dispersion blade (Emulsifier / Homogenizer). Intimate & homogeneous mixing of products is achieved by planetary motion of beaters & centrally located high speed dispersion blade for vacuum jacketed mixer units. The PLM consists of two open beaters moving in planetary motion, scraper blade & centrally located high speed homogenizer run by a separate motor to manufacture ointments. creams. suspensions etc.

Emulsifier / Homogenizer

It is a stator-rotor High shear. High speed, & high power mixer are the main characteristics of this stator-rotor mixing device. The high shear action creates a forced product flow. The interchangeability of homogenizer blades is possible to suit the mixing requirements of various products. They are used in many process operations like Homogenization, Dispersion, Emulsification, Grinding , Dissolving, Chemical reaction, Cell disruption & Coagulation.

Our Specialities

  • Creating innovative and cost effective designs as per your requirement to give you maximum and best output from our equipment
  • Providing Lab Models in exactly the same material to give the accurate results Design and supply of entire turnkey projects at any scale, from 500 kgs to 20,000 kgs capacities.

Salient Features

Provision to mix Products under vacuum for de-aeration purpose.

Teflon scrappers are provided to avoid localized heating or cooling & ensure uniform mixing.

Top drive & agitator assembly can be lifted & lowered by motorized as well as hydraulic systems.

Smaller version of planetary Mixer is Provided with a manual lifting arrangement for the bowl instead of top drive & agitator assembly.

Pneumatic system is also available for lifting & lowering top drive & agitator assembly for smaller version of Planetary Mixers. Different designs of beaters are available to suit the mixing requirements of wide variety of materials.

The laboratory model of the PLM mixer with Homogenizer is also available in batch sizes of 2 litres to 5 litres with various types of mixing blades.

Promas Age Over The Other Manufacturer, supplier and exporter of planetary mixers including single and double blades since 1990 from Mumbai to India and entire world. Promas engineers is approved by Indian Defence ordnance factories and explosive chemicals manufacturer industries.

For discharge of high viscous material plunger systems is provided.

  • PLM LAB MODEL 5 Litres

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