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About Company

Promas Engineers is a dream lived to complete realization. With a moderate beginning, it has soared higher in motivation, inspiration, and ideas just like the eagle. With a keen eye for detail, swooping on opportunities as well as hunting to compete to become the leader is what has made Promas Engineers a name to reckon for. Promas Engineers is one of the best pharmaceutical machinery manufacturers in India which serves industries like Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Cosmetic, Food Products, and Bulk Drug.

Today a state-of-the-art facility at MIDC, Navi Mumbai incorporating the office and industry stands proudly. A sign of pride and soaring ambition is denoted by the large eagle on its entrance. It also underlines the importance of its belief in pharmaceutical machinery.

The company is managed by a team of qualified personnel with extensive knowledge & experience in pharma equipment that reflects company values & ethics. 

Promas Engineers boasts of quality service and dedicated determination to deliver. Along with Manufacturing, Engineering, R&D, Administration, Sales, and Marketing departments, a demo & application laboratory is a part of the set-up as well.

Promas Engineers’ philosophy is to guarantee excellent products & provide reliable service. Hence detailed attention is paid in order to achieve efficient product customization & optimization as per the requirement. Ascertaining the strong reputation it has, it makes sure that each instrument is inspected & assured under USP & FDA guidelines. Likewise in India, it is also regarded as the best pharma machinery manufacturers in Mumbai.

Promas Engineers repeat business is the true mark of customer satisfaction and product quality.


“To be able to inherit nature’s way of using instincts, maintaining balance and delivering perfection”


Nature has its mission to work intricately, without creating chaos and being in sync with its environment.

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