Air Tray Dryer


6 Trays to 192 Trays


Air tray dryers are the most commonly used drying system after sun drying. Promas Engineers dryers are specially designed to have better efficiency than any other dryer, available from other tray dryer manufacturers. Promas Engineers dryers are now more accepted brand in the industry than any other brand in market. Our clientèle base is in Pharmaceutical, Chemicals, Dyestuff, Textile, Food, Automobile & many other industries. We are manufacturer, exporter and supplier of air tray dryers as per ISI specifications and user’s requirements since 1990 from Mumbai to India and all over the world.

Working Principle Air Tray Dryers

The tray dryers are heated by means of electrical, steam and oil as fired burners. The dryer cabinet is designed in such a way that air inside the dryer has minimum resistance at all the corners of the dryer.

All the sides of the dryer from inside are made with rounded corners with maximum angle so as to have more slippage to air, resulting into less pressure drop across the corners. The outer body is also fabricated with rounded edges without steps from outside to have smooth finish. The inside fan & radiator / heaters are covered with SS / GI mesh to have safety in operation.

Our Specialities

  • Creating innovative and cost effective designs as per your requirement to give you maximum and best output from our equipment
  • Providing Lab Models in exactly the same material to give the accurate results Design and supply of entire turnkey projects at any scale, from 500 kgs to 20,000 kgs capacities.


Air in the dryer is circulated by means of fan fitted on the side of the dryer. The fans are made out of AISI 304 / 316 or MS with SS / MS / EN8 shafts driven by suitable motors. The shafts are well balancing test certificates.

Air Circulation

Tray sizes of 32″ X 16″ X 11/4″ or 32″ X 16″ X 2″ are manufactured out of 16/18/19 swg., AISI 304 / 316 or PP material. All the corners are rounded without any gap. The 18 swg trays are with bidding from the top, while 16-swg trays come without bidding, and are used for all GMP model tray dryers. The trays are polished to mirror finish. The trays with perforation are also supplied for bottle or vial dryers.


These are manufactured from heavy gauge rectangular pipes & SS angle with cross supports brackets & wheels.

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