Fully Automated & Manual Jet Mill Micronizer


2″ to 12″

Model available:

  • Pneumatic bag shaking model
  • Reverse pulse jet model
  • For isolator application
  • For containment application


Jet Mills are widely used in the manufacture of drugs and pharmaceuticals, organic and inorganic pigments, optical brighteners, fluorescent pigments, food colour synthetic dyes, metal (except malleable metals) carbides & borides, herbicides and pesticides, ceramic glasses, alumina, feldspar, frit, kaolin, mullite, electronic grade materials such as materials required for semiconductors, phosphors, photo electronic, high temperature critical materials and rocket solid fuels etc. We are manufacturer, supplier and exporter multiple variety manual and fully automated jet mill micronizer, micro pulverizer and spiral fluidize air with industrial requirement.

Working Principle

Jet Milling is a concept of feeding of the powder particles into a flat circular milling chamber and subjecting the same tangentially with pressurized air or nitrogen through a venturi. The Powder Particles are accelerated in a spiral movement inside the milling chamber by number of angular holes in a ring and placed around the periphery of the chamber.

The heat sensitive and low melting point materials are easily micronized. Micronizer takes place due to the collision between the incoming particles and the particles, which are already accelerated into the spiral path, The larger Particles of the product get retained at the periphery of the chamber by centrifugal force and the smaller particles exit with the exhaust air from the central portion of the chamber.

Our Specialities

  • Creating innovative and cost effective designs as per your requirement to give you maximum and best output from our equipment
  • Providing Lab Models in exactly the same material to give the accurate results Design and supply of entire turnkey projects at any scale, from 500 kgs to 20,000 kgs capacities.

The material can be milled to an average particles size of 0.2 to 5 micron or coarse ground to 400 mesh depending upon characteristics of the product.

The milling action of the particle is because of the high velocity of air / gases instead of pins, jaws or hammers and because of this heat does not get generated during milling. The adiabatic expansion of compressed air takes place with the resultant cooling effect. The heat sensitive and low melting point materials are micronized without use of freeze grinding method.

Particle Separator

The particle size distribution is controlled by adjusting pressure and feed rate. The particles are trapped by specially designed cyclonic separator and finger-bag made of non-woven PTFE coated cloth without risk of fibre contamination.

The dust separator and collector are cylindrical and are having sanitary clamp for quick accessible connections.

The system is without reverse jet so as to save air / gas consumption. With the finger-bag shaking arrangement, the bag is automatically cleaned with a set time interval.

We also provide high-efficiency dust separator combining inertial and static effects with membrane filter cartridges, reverse-pulse, automatic cleaning and final safety HEPA filter that exhausts clean air to the atmosphere. Fully automated and manual jet mills are mounted on an ergonomically designed portable stand with multiple options micronizer, micro pulverizer and spiral fluidize air.


The micronizing of the powder improves absorption capacity of the drugs in the human body. This also results in new and unusual chemical and physical properties relating to suspendability, solid-state reaction rate, texture, colour, absorption etc.

The surface area achieves increase in potency of drugs, which reduces the dosage of the drugs. Product of 30 mesh size when jet milled to 5 micron, has more than 160,000 particles & surface area increases more than 115 times. This results into faster reaction time for chemicals, faster ignition time in the case of solid fuels of rockets. The Jet Milled pesticides & herbicides cover much more surface area using less of the active ingredients, thus reducing the cost. The polishing powders used for polishing the lenses, computer hard disc or in toothpaste are required to be a narrow particle size distribution for maximum productivity. The abrasives used in these polishing powders are very precisely milled.

Any cosmetic product requiring silky smoothness in application can be achieved in Jet Mill. The reflectivity of light occurs when the particle size of the pigment approaches a precise relationship to the wavelength of visible light. Therefore by controlling the particle size, the product quality & its brilliance can be ascertained.

Jet Mill versions are sanitary, Indian FDA and US-FDA accepted designs, in line with GMP practices and in accordance with all pharmaceutical specifications worldwide. The Jet Mills manufactured by us have replaceable internal rings with optimized grinding angles for various products. The design & construction of Jet Mills are the result of many years of dependable, uninterrupted service.


Promas Engineers Jet Mills can be supplied along with following options

  • Electronic motor controller allowing stepless regulation of feeding speed across the specified range and features current limiting to prevent overloading
  • Batch validation equipment including 4-20 mA pressure transducers and process recorder to document each event
  • Vacuum compensation system that avoids
  • Environment contamination in case of blowbacks
  • Replaceable internal linings include PTFE, polyurethane and hard internal alloys etc
  • Synoptic and LCD – alarm display with fault message
  • High precision, electronic pressure controls that monitors the micronizer proportional pressure regulator
  • PLC system
  • Explosion proof 10 bar pressure with rupture disc
  • Ideal for Isolator/containment application


We provide two types of feeding system along with the Jet Mill in accordance to the properties of the products.

  1. Vibratory type feeder : The system is more preferred by the pharmaceutical industries as it being mounted on the main platform and without bolting so as to remove it easily for cleaning. The trough of the unit is fully covered by a transparent cover. The feed rate is controlled by adjusting the vibrator to get more accurate feed rate.
  2. Screw type feeder : A twin shaft feeder, volumetric type, with concave profile, with self cleaning screws that able to break the agglomerates and ensures an accurate feeding of poor flowing products. The speed controlled by a step less, mechanical variator.

Jet mill 2 inch vibratory feeder

Jet Mill 2 inch with Screw Feeder & FLP Panel

Air Jet Mill – Reverse Pulse Jet

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