Tips to Maintain Vibro Sifter

Tips to Maintain Vibro Sifter

Your Vibro screens play such a crucial role in your manufacturing process, it’s critical that they run at peak efficiency year after year. To maintain your machine functioning smoothly, follow these six basic tips to maintain Vibro Sifter. 

Tip 1: Make sure your vibratory screens are properly set up

The proper installation and setup of your Vibro screen might help to reduce the amount of maintenance required. Your circular Vibro screen must be fixed on a solid floor or foundation to avoid secondary vibration. The weight settings on your vibratory screening machine can be modified if you require a specific level of vibration.

This will offer you the vibration level you need for your application without causing your machine or component parts to wear out early.

It is recommended that you operate your machine for a length of time before putting any product through it. All nuts and bolts should be tested for tightness after this time period. Vibration is applied to the sieve mesh in industrial Vibro screens, but this vibration can cause clamps to loosen.

Tip 2 – Store and handle your mesh frames and gaskets correctly

Mesh frames and gaskets should be handled with caution because they are easily broken. Gaskets should be cleaned with a non-abrasive solvent that won’t harm the material. Mesh frames must be cleaned in a manner that is appropriate for the application, but the tension in the screen must not be lost, since this would diminish sieving efficiency. It’s also crucial to replace the gyro screen mesh frame gaskets on a regular basis to ensure excellent sealing. Spare gaskets and frames should be maintained in a suitable container, with gaskets kept out of direct sunlight. 

Tip 3 – In your Vibro screens mesh frames, use high-quality mesh

Mesh fabric can stretch over time, so check mesh screen tension on a regular basis to determine whether a Vibro screen mesh frame is no longer delivering optimal screening and needs to be re-meshed. A spare mesh frame will allow production to continue while the mesh frames are being re-meshed, reducing the amount of downtime you have.

It is essential that you use an experienced and reliable mesh screen supplier when making your selection. High-quality mesh and innovative bonding procedures will be used by such vendors to ensure mesh screen lifetime and accurate product screening.

Advanced bonding processes will minimize sagging and excessive wear by maintaining the optimum tension. The high-quality mesh will last longer and have precise aperture sizes, resulting in consistent product quality.

Tip 4 – Inspect sieve components on a regular basis for maintenance

Regular maintenance inspections on sieve components will extend the life of the components and vibratory screens while also ensuring that they work optimally. The Vibro screen clamps are one such component. The clamps hold the mesh in place between the underpan and the deck, limiting movement and ensuring a tight seal.

Product leakage and excessive wear can occur if the clamps do not prevent the sieve decks from moving, therefore make sure they are in good working order. Flexible connectors should be checked on a frequent basis because if they can’t flex freely in both horizontal and vertical directions, they can split and leak.

The Vibro screen’s suspension, whether rubber or spring, transmits vibration to the sieve decks. The vibration will be efficiently conveyed to the sieve decks if regular maintenance checks are performed.

Tip #5: Invest in authentic spare parts

Genuine spare parts from the Vibro screen’s manufacturer will ensure that it runs well. While copies are always less expensive, they are also of lower quality, which means they don’t last as long. Furthermore, copies can sometimes damage your equipment, resulting in further unanticipated charges.  Buying a genuine spare part made exclusively for your Vibro screening sifter can save you money and safeguard your machine.

Tip 6 # Before performing any maintenance, follow your manual

Always reference your operating instructions before performing any maintenance on your Vibro screen. Failure to perform routine maintenance on your Vibro screen could result in injury to operators or damage to the equipment. If you’re unsure about something, ask your supplier for help.

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