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Drying Process of Pharmaceutical Powders Using Agitated Nutsche Filter dryers Pilot Unit

A versatile machine agitated nutsche filter dryer that you can find in a variety of industrial applications. It has the critical function of separating and insulation solids from a solvent often only found underneath a reactor or crystallizer. The agitated nutsche filter design has certainly come a long way from an open vessel that used suction only to produce separation. Although the agitated Nutsche Filter Dryer preserves its original process functionality, the progress of recent decades has made it a key part of contained product isolation batch operations. Batch focused specialist applications such as the manufacture, dying, painting and wastewater processing of pharmaceutical and fine chemicals generally use agitated Nutch filter dryer. From a process point of view, Nutsche filter/dryers are highly versatile. In exceptional instances, although normally employed to retrieve solid items, the solution is the intended end product. The current Nutsche filter can pull out several functions like filling/loading, filtering, removal washing, residual washing, smoothing, drying / cooling and loading. In particular for the processing of active Pharmaceutical Components (API), and dangerous chemical compounds such as insecticides, the combining of several filtration and drying stages in the same unit is an important function.

Drying, as one of the last stages of the pharmaceutical manufacturing process, can cause the pharmaceutical product to deteriorate by exposing it to microbial development due to any remaining organic solvent. Drying is a complex process that involves simultaneous heat and mass transport as well as physical and chemical reactions.

Configuration of Agitated Nutch Filter Dryers 

The important elements are involved in this machinery which is only present in the Promas manufacturing section:

Latest and Compact Design: Promas carved a niche to design an agitated Nutch filter dryer in a compact design which is rare to find in another manufacturing company. 

FLP Camera: The FLP camera is inbuilt in the pilot unit of the agitated Nutch filter dryer to observe the drying process of the cake. FLP light able to see the inside and take a glance at it. 

Vessels: In addition to the several base configurations, the body of the filter/dryer is available in a single or two-piece form. To effectively convey heat to the product, vessels may be hung for temperature-sensitive applications. Isolation and sheathing, body flanges and push-through ports are also options.

Drive assembled: S-blade agitator, twin or quad-column support structure, beam, gearbox, shaft connection and double dry mechanical seal are the components of the agitator system. 

Relief Valve:  Aside from the discharge valve’s design contains a metal-to-metal density, pressure capacity, hinge-mode, monorail and a hydraulic actuator that ensures that dry product, resolver, slurry or wet product can be discharged automatically.

Dust filtration: Flange-mounted on top, the dust filter is capable of adapting to different types of filter media and is entirely isolated and sheathed in a pressurised case to eliminate dust blowback safely and efficiently. There is also a tank for the accumulation of nitrogen for the elimination of contained elements.

The agitated nutsche filter dryer (ANFD) is widely used in the pharmaceutical industry for filtration, washing, and drying of crystalline intermediates and APIs. ANFD has several advantages by merging various unit processes into one single appliance, including superior containment because the filtered, wet-cake does not need to be moved to a separate dryer. Because of their closed shape and ability to operate under vacuum, AFD is extremely popular in the pharmacy sector.

Promas provides the latest design of Agitated Nutch Filter Dryers with compact size, lifting & lowering, solvent recovery, equal capacity filtrate collection receiver under vacuum, on line solvent removal arrangement, heating and chilling arrangements for the main bowl, condenser, and receiver which rare to find in the manufacturing world of the pilot unit and FLP camera to monitor the process. Spray nozzles for cake/precipitate washing are also available. In addition, we’ve included a flushed discharged valve with a one-of-a-kind sampling mechanism. The receiver removal mechanism is likewise unique, with the bottom of the receiver being held in place by springs. The entire equipment is self-contained and includes a bench-scale positioned on a stainless steel platform.

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