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Plough Shear Mixer as high efficiency in Food Industry

Germans invented the Plough Shear Mixer, which was widely utilized throughout Europe in the early years. In most industries, the majority of Europeans choose to use a plough shear mixer. This mixer is increasingly being used in the food sector to assist customers with a variety of issues such as mixing time, mixing homogeneity, material blocking, and other unique issues.

Food safety is becoming increasingly important to consumers. There will be a considerable need for food processing lines in factories, as well as process machinery. Powder mixers are one of the most critical machines in the entire process line, thus we should concentrate on mixers that can meet food safety requirements.

What, on the other hand, is the food safety mixer? The answer for a food mixer is no contamination, high precision, easy cleaning, low maintenance, and high quality.

No Contamination 

The shovel and clearance between the shovel and the vessel are critical for the Plough Shear Mixer to avoid contamination. We designed the shovel to be welded to the shaft without any fasteners, so there will be no dead area for the material to stay. 

Furthermore, material residues are crucial because if the minimal clearance between the shovel and the vessel is not guaranteed, more residues will remain inside the mixer, polluting the following batch of product.

High Precision 

The plough shear mixer can finish high precision mixing in the shortest time due to the fast speed of the shaft and the fluidization mixing action principle, which can save half the time of vertical mixers and other types of mixers such as ribbon mixers and conical mixers. It can also be used to break up agglomerations of sticky materials.

Easy Clean 

Cleaning for food customers is one of the most vital aspects. For workers to clean the interior and outside of the mixer on a regular basis, easy access to every component of the inside and outside is required in the design. As a result, the cleaning door must be full and large enough for workers to access all of the mixer’s details. In a mixer, a CIP cleaning method is preferred.

Low Maintenance 

The structure and driving unit must be basic and sturdy enough to ensure long service life and minimise customer troubleshooting. Plough Shear Mixer has a simple structure that includes a motor, gear reducer, and seal portion.

High Quality 

To guarantee GMP or FDA compliance, welding, polishing, buffing, and machining are all required. In terms of polish, the greatest criterion for a mixer is Ra0.4 for the material contact section. Finishing the mixer with smooth welding requires extra human labour.

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