Overview of Industrial Mixer machines. What defines a quality industrial mixer?

Overview of Industrial Mixer machines. What defines a quality industrial mixer?

Like any piece of bulk processing equipment designed to combine or blend heterogeneous materials to form a homogeneous end-product, that is how the industrial mixer can be described. In refining and manufacturing plants all over the world, industrial mixing machines are located and are mostly used to combine foods, additives, pharmaceuticals, household goods, plastics, and minerals.


Modern blending covers a wide scope of taking care of instruments, thus mechanical blender makers should be exceptionally proficient and have broad experience testing numerous sorts of gear and items to have the option to suggest the ideal modern blending machine for a specific application. 


For quite a few years, Promas has been designing and steering custom modern powder blenders for use in assorted market portions. Our experience has demonstrated that, while mechanical blenders may differ broadly relying upon the item and application, top-notch modern blending hardware will consistently share the accompanying qualities for all intents and purpose: 

  • Constructed for an emerging market-

As worldwide business sectors develop and change, requests for accommodation, quality, and customization increment thusly. Promas modern blenders are continually tweaked with the most recent innovation to amplify proficiency, clump yields, ease of use, and unwavering quality. Our blending innovation highlights cutting edge mechanical, electrical, and interchanges interfaces for consistent combination with current creation control frameworks. 

  • Built to reach 100% enforcement-

Particularly in mechanical food preparation and the drug business, guaranteeing consistency with wellbeing and sterilization norms is the general need that administers each part of the creation cycle. This not just necessitates that mechanical blenders are worked from food protected or clinical evaluation materials, however, it likewise requires a clean plan. Promas blenders are described by smooth surfaces that both forestall the collection of buildup and encourage simple upkeep and careful cleaning. 

  • Integration of Smooth Production Line-

Modern blenders never work alone. A preparing or assembling plant can comprise of several machines, all dealing with the materials at various phases of creation. Indeed, even a huge mechanical blending machine from Promas is intended to expand space with a minimal, vertical plan, disentangling its coordination into even the most perplexing creation line comprising of numerous blenders. 

  • For excellent durability, proprietary technologies-

All Promas blenders, blenders, dryers, and reactors, are made solely in Germany. We demand fabricating all the key parts and systems of our mechanical blenders in-house at our item plan and assembling office in Paderborn. Our exclusive blending innovation additionally incorporates protected plans for blending shafts and cutting edges. The lone piece of our blending innovation not worked by our in-house group is the stuff boxes. Because of the profundity of our contribution to the designing cycle, we can guarantee unrivaled execution and predominant dependability in the entirety of our mechanical blending machines.


  • Checked to your precise standards and personalized-

Each material has special taking care of attributes, and each item is unique. With thorough client assistance going from counsel right to location get together and usage, Promas engineers are focused on creating application-explicit arrangements customized to every client’s prerequisites. We can test and demo any modern mixing, blending, drying, or response measure under genuine creation conditions.


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