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Coating Pan: Applications and Working Principle

Before their final product is ready to be distributed in retail pharmacy stores, pharmaceutical companies use a variety of machinery for manufacturing and packaging operations. Conventional Coating Pan is one such major contributing machine. This is one of the oldest methods of coating film or sugar on the medicine depending on the requirements, as the name implies.

With the help of some aqueous or organic film, a coating pan is used to generate a coat around the pellets. A semi-ellipsoidal pan with a circular cover is included in the device’s components to make charging and discharging tablets easier. With the help of a motor and a gear, this pan rotates. It also contains a hot air blowing mechanism that aids in the vaporization of the pharmaceutical pellet’s moisture content.

Film coating and sugar coating are the two most common coating methods utilized by pharmaceutical companies. Sugarcoating is an old method of sugar-coating bulk tablets. Sugarcoating is a multi-step procedure that involves six different phases. Sealing the tablet core, sub coating the core, smoothing, coloring, polishing, and finally final printing are the procedures.

Coating Pan Applications

A coating pan is a tool used in the manufacturing of pharmaceutical products to coat a tablet with an aqueous or organic film. The coating protects the tablets from physical and chemical damage, as well as disguising their taste. 

Working Principle of a Coating Pan

The purpose of this type of tablet coating machine is to have a round metal pan that can be anywhere from 6 to 80 inches in diameter (15 to 200 cm). The dish has a slight inclination to the seat top, roughly 45°C. The electric engine in the typical covering dish rotates the round metal skillet on a level plane to its pivot. A cluster of tablets tumbles due to the movement of this skillet.

The conventional pan structure includes an air inlet once again. Occasionally, extremely high temperatures can cause the tablets’ basic ingredients to break down or debase. The heated air dries the tablet’s coating. 

All noxious air will exit the framework through the front segment of the standard covering the container once more during the method. This air is carried away by the channel framework’s procedures. To smoothly cover the arrangement, this machine uses showering or spooning components. That is, the typical coating mechanism will begin to cover the tablets as the round metal dish pivots.

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