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How to maintain a Planetary Mixer

Planetary mixers provide a wide range of options for bakers who need to produce a large number of various cuisines. While planetary mixers are fantastic for combining cookie components and kneading heavy dough, they can also be used to slice vegetables, cut meat, grate cheese, create a batter, and whip light meringues, giving bakers more options. Because of this versatility, bakers can branch out and offer clients options other than classic baked items like cookies and bread.

If your company uses a planetary mixer, you should know how to keep it in good working order. Maintaining your industrial equipment properly may take time out of your day, but it will save you time and money in the long run by avoiding the need for repairs. This is how you keep a planetary mixer in good working order.

How to maintain a Planetary Mixer

Avoid any mixer abuse 

Regardless of whether the mixer is designed to handle three or fifty pounds of dough, it must be cared for in a variety of ways. Mixers require lubrication to keep their gears from grinding too close together and deteriorating over time. 

They also require that this lubricant be kept apart from any wheat used, as flour can interfere with the lubricant’s capacity to perform its function. This means you’ll need to keep your mixer clean on the outside and, if possible, undertake a deep clean every now and again.

In addition, never adjust the mixer’s speed while it’s running, as this can cause the gears to grind. Finally, look over the manuals that came with your planetary mixer or look for them online. They should tell you additional particular requirements for keeping your planetary mixer in good working order.

Specific requirements 

Furthermore, never change the speed of the mixer while it is running, since this might cause the gears to grind. Finally, check through the manuals that came with your planetary mixer or search the internet for them. They should also inform you of any additional needs for maintaining the proper operation of your planetary mixer.

Many planetary mixers will not function if the cage is not correctly attached, so take care not to damage it. Additionally, the cage is frequently fastened to the mixer by a pin or numerous pins; these pins can be difficult to obtain or expensive, so be careful not to destroy them.

Finally, even though your planetary mixer has a protective covering, the numerous controls and electronic parts can degrade with time. Keep a lookout for flour getting into their crevices and grooves, as well as corrosion or erosion over time. At some point throughout the life of your planetary mixer, these will almost certainly need to be replaced, and being caught off guard is not a good idea.

One of the easiest ways to save money on industrial equipment and supplies is to keep your planetary mixer in good working order. You’ll want to keep your mixer clean, oiled, and free of any harm that may develop over time. Promas Engineers are the best planetary mixer manufacturers, for more details contact us

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