How to choose the best manufacturer for the food industry.

Every element of your operation performs better when your food processing equipment runs at peak speed and efficiency. The first step in installing the best possible equipment is to choose the proper food processing equipment manufacturer. When choosing a supplier, keep the following in mind to cut down on repairs, maintenance, and hazards.

Experience of your Product Line

Every food product is different, and each one presents its own set of processing challenges. Look for experience with your products when selecting a food processing equipment manufacturer. 

These specific issues and requirements will be familiar to a food processing equipment manufacturer who has created equipment for your products and ingredients.

Offers Product Testing Services Using Your Plant’s Equipment

You can be confident that your equipment will perform as expected thanks to product testing. Unexpected issues with your equipment and procedures can occur at any time. You may address these issues before they become a problem at your business by conducting product testing with your food processing equipment manufacturer.

When it comes to product testing, your equipment supplier will put on a show with your ingredients and a mock-up of your equipment. This test will show you how the process works in practice and how it compares to how it should operate.

Product testing can identify problems that develop at any step during the production process, such as insufficient mixing, inconsistent coating, cycle times that are too long or too short, inaccurate weighing, and other issues. Then, before your equipment is finished and distributed, you can address these issues.

References for their work

Examining the equipment that a company has created in the past is one of the greatest ways to identify a food processing equipment manufacturer. Your equipment maker should offer you a list of references, as well as a contact person to whom you may direct questions concerning the equipment.

When looking over the list of references, keep the following in mind:

  • Are your components, goods, and methods comparable to those of your competitors?
  • Are your volumes and environments comparable? Changes in temperature, humidity and the size of the facility can all have an impact on the equipment design.
  • Was there anything unexpected that happened to the customer?
  • What was the supplier’s response?
  • Did the machines need to be serviced or repaired?
  • Are the parts tough to obtain?
  • How long has the machine been running, both in terms of time and volume?

Will Machinery Be Customized?

There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach to food processing. While some standard fittings may work for your procedure, you should be able to easily customize some features. To meet your facility, you may choose to add or delete some features, add coatings or finishes, or change the machine’s dimensions.

Complete Process Engineering Solutions

Each step in the food processing chain now has a greater impact than ever before. Each phase in the process should function together for the system to perform at its best.

This means that a company that makes food processing equipment should be familiar with all aspects of the process, including mixing, coating, weighing, batching, and controls. When you choose a food processing equipment manufacturer with a wide range of experience, you can optimize each machine for the fastest mixing time, the least amount of waste, and the least amount of maintenance.

Does the manufacturer provide factory visits?

You may want to inspect the manufacturer’s facility before deciding on the proper food processing equipment manufacturer. This will offer you a better understanding of how the manufacturer operates, including the manufacturing equipment and technologies they employ, the facility’s condition, capacity, and adherence to safety regulations.

Though these features may not tell much on their own, when taken collectively, they might reveal the manufacturer’s attention to detail, organization, and technological capabilities.

You will not only have great equipment to support a highly efficient process if you choose the correct food processing equipment manufacturer; you will also have a problem-solving partner to assist your equipment in the future.

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