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What is Vibro Sifter?

The Vibro Sifter machine is also widely known as Vibro Sifter, Vibrating Screen, Powder Sieving Machine, Lab Vibro Sifter, and Pharmaceutical Sifter, and the machine is used for screening, grading for a solid-liquid solution, and the process to separate the desired and undesired elements from the combination of the solids that are generally having the different properties and also for solid to liquid material. The Vibro Sifter used in many industries like Pharmaceutical, Cosmetics, rubber compounds, plastics, paints, minerals, metals, chemicals, detergents, powders, pesticides, and fertilizers. 

A typical Vibro sifter is having a circular gyratory screen that separates the mass composition of liquids and solids on the basis of their size and grades. The machine especially consists of design vibratory motors that generate vibration in three different planes along the vertical axis. The material is separated in the Vibro screening on the basis of the particular size. In the laboratory, it is an essential accessory for the gradation of material. The powder sieving machines usually come in many different combinations with designs and capabilities and they have several applications and each one can be made custom for a specific application and commonly used in the food and pharmaceutical industry.     

Vibro Sifter consists of a screen placed on the base plate that is attached centrally to the gyratory motor. The material is dropped on the screen through the inlet that is located on the top. The particles that are smaller passes through the screen and the larger particles pass-through the outlet. The combination of vibratory motor and the weights that is placed on the top and bottom of the screen gives the desired separation or filtration of the materials.

The Vibro Sifter works on the principle of gyratory vibrations. This material is separated on the basis of its particular size, once the motor gets energized vibration causes in the screen making the material to travel across the sieves to its particular size. During this process to stop the vibration on the floor, the sieves are suspended on the spring. 

Features of the Vibro Sifter are: 

  •  Single deck and double deck vibrating screen without dust cover in SS 304 / SS 316 / GMP Construction. 
  • Vibratory assembly is fitted with vibratory motors. 
  • Motors are designed for continuous operation. 
  • Machine fitted with the castor wheels for easy mobility. 
  • Lead-free and Silicon seal sieve. 
  • Noiseless operation 
  • Vibro sifter is available from model 20’’ onwards. 
  • We are a Vibro Sifter manufacturer, exporter, and supplier according to ISI guidelines.   

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