Comparison Between Planetary Mixers and High Shear Mixers

Comparison Between Planetary Mixers and High Shear Mixers

A planetary mixer is one of the most widely used machines in the food business,  pharmaceuticals and construction. It’s good for kneading, dispersion, and intense mixing. It can also be used to dispose of materials such as adhesives, sealants, light caulks, pastes, granulation, and coatings. In fact, it works well with a wide range of viscosity goods. A high shear mixer carries or disperses one phase or ingredient, such as liquid, solid, or gas.

Planetary Mixer

This mixer comes in a variety of sizes and includes features such as a self-aligning bowl, scrapers, manual lifts, and hydraulic lifts. This type of heavy-duty design enables the development of newer, harsher compounds. A planetary mixer has various advantages, including the ability to homogenise mixed materials. It has a low wear rate and requires very little upkeep. This sort of mixer produces very little waste and has rotating mixing stars on multiple axes. It’s incredibly efficient, and it can recirculate the material fully in just one revolution.

Safety switches to validate tank and lift position, as well as independent speed controllers for the mixers, are among the controls for the planetary mixer line. These safety features are linked to the speed controllers, and if the switch requirements are not met, the motor will be turned off. Heat and cooling systems are frequently included in these mixers. Our expertise can help you build a heating and cooling system or configure controls for your existing equipment. We can assist with integration if the mixer is part of a bigger PLC-controlled operation. We can also supply a batch-controlled PLC solution that can be integrated with existing machinery. 

Features of Planetary Mixer

  • Excellent Mixing Efficiency: Because the speed of the mixing blade can be readily controlled by the controller, they offer high mixing efficiency.
  • Low Maintenance: Because the blades are positioned on an axis and above the bowl, they are incredibly easy to clean, handle, and maintain. There is no need for complicated upkeep.
  • Uniformly Mixing
  • The resulting mixture is homogeneous and of uniform consistency. It also ensures that the item is thoroughly mixed.

High Shear Mixer

It can be used to mix a solution in a tank. It’s also used to describe a pipe that transports a solution and is utilised to generate shear. Emulsions, suspensions, aerosols, and granular products can all be made with a high shear mixer. Adhesives, cosmetics, chemicals, and pharmaceuticals can all benefit from using this type of mixer. It’s also good for emulsification, homogenization, and dispersion in the plastics sector.

The diameter of the rotor, speed of rotation, the distance between the rotor and the stator, and time in a mixer are the primary characteristics of a high shear machine. The number of rows of teeth and the angle at which they are positioned can differ. The chemical process business, pharmaceutical industry, cosmetic and toiletry sector are only a few of the industries where this machine is used. 

Features of High Shear Mixer

  • The particles generated are robust, spherical, and consistent in size, with a high product yield.
  •  The material is automatically ejected once mixing and granulation are completed in one step.
  •  Z-shaped blades that are cutting-edge.
  • Fully enclosed manufacturing and cleaning are practical and comply with GMP (2011 version) regulations for pharmaceutical machinery.
  • Pneumatic rapid opening of the door cover is convenient and quick when working in a closed position. The sight glass hole in the door cover makes it easy to keep an eye on the content in the container as it moves around.

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