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Use of Vibro Sifter in Dextrin Powder Manufacturing

What is Dextrin Powder? 

Dextrin is a type of carbohydrate that is formed by hydrolysis of starch and has a relatively low molecular weight. Dextrin is a white, yellow, or brown powder that is soluble in water completely or partially.

British gum is made up of yellow and white dextrin. Because of its blinding qualities, yellow dextrin is used in a variety of sectors. It removes bubbles from the mold effectively. It’s widely utilized in ceramic and fireworks manufacturing plants.

Dextrin powder is also utilized in the paper industry for corrugated box manufacture, machine tin labeling, chemical and dye industries, textile industries, and many more applications.

Why is a Vibro Sifter needed for dextrin powder processing?

When you desire a profitable output from your manufactured product, quality is essential. As a result, Vibro equipment is installed at the facility to ensure that items are accurately sized or that unwanted foreign impurities are removed. Chemical and physical attributes will differ if quality material is not obtained.

Because of its unique characteristics and benefits, several industrialists are recommending Vibor equipment for dextrin powder manufacture.

Roasting starch with acid is the first step in making dextrin powder. The chemical characteristics of the starch will be altered as a result of this treatment. Dextrin is the end product of starch conversion. Before the roasting process, around vibrating separator, such as the Vibro Separator, can be used to remove any undesired contaminants.

The Vibro product is offered in a variety of diameters ranging from 18” to 84”. Before making a decision, it is always advisable to seek advice from a Vibro expert.

The starch is transformed into dextrin powder after it has been roasted. The powder contains lumps that must be separated prior to the material’s packing. That’s why Vibro Sifter is placed at the end of the manufacturing process. 

Advantages of Vibro Sifter Equipment 

  • When compared to the conventional Vibro separator, the Vibro equipment provides a larger throughput capacity.
  • Vibro machines are designed to increase efficiency and achieve optimal sieving outcomes.
  • It streamlines the process and reduces maintenance costs.
  • The ability to change the mesh quickly reduces cleaning time.
  • The lead angle can be customized to fit the plant’s needs and can be adjusted to fit the required material flow pattern.
  • Improves the quality of dextrin powder and, as a result, the organization’s profitability.

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