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An overview of the vacuum tray dryer with CIP

Due to the high toxic content, nature, heat-sensitive, Vacuum Tray Dryers are used to heat and dry cloth under vacuum drying and drying products. Using Vacuum Tray dryers for pharmaceutical, chemical & food APIs. Vacuum Tray Dryer is a static type of dryer used in dry temperature-sensitive materials as well as pharmaceutical and allied goods in different industries under vacuum atmosphere. It provides full drying and vaporization of the product’s moisture. According to customer preferences, the vacuum tray dryers have been customized and the total size varies from 6 to 96 trays per batch.


Vacuum dryers consist of a main body (drying chamber), completely heated by means of a circuit of liquid circulation in order to prevent the occurrence of condensation, and a set of shelves heated by means of a collector of liquid delivery, which guarantees the homogeneity of heat on all radiating plates. Vacuum dryers comply with the increasingly stringent good manufacturing practices (GMP) enforced by the FDA on machines used in the pharmaceutical industry, especially with regard to the ease with which, thanks to the recent Italvacuum patent called Multispray, the dryer’s inner chamber and heating plates can be fully and perfectly cleaned.


Vacuum dryers patent is a machine, which requires the washing and cleaning operations of the drying chamber and inner shelves to be carried out in a few minutes, in order to keep the operator from coming into close contact with potential liquid contaminants and/or other solvents that may be contained inside the dryer. In addition, the risk of contamination between the cleanroom and the technological room is removed.


Two models of multi-spray dryers are available, either with fixed shelves or with a removable shelf base. The model of fixed shelves is constructed of mirror-polished surface, the inner surfaces have no welding seams. In the direction of the door, the bottom of the enclosure is marginally inclined upward, thereby enabling the full extraction of washing liquid. The version with extractable shelves was designed for applications involving changing the drying product. The shelves are fixed and attached to a rigid base, which can be pulled using a hydraulic trolley out of the cabinet. 


In industries such as additives, pigment things, pharmaceuticals, food products, paints, etc., vacuum tray dryers are used where heating and drying are important components of the production process. The Vacuum Tray Dryer is ideal for drying thermally sensitive products that are easily compromised at higher temperatures. This prevents damage to the configuration of the drying products.


Bodies can be cross-sectional, cylindrical, or rectangular. Both the shelves and the body are heated with a regulated circulation of hot water, steam, or dye thermal fluid (the body to avoid internal condensation). To mitigate pressure drops and achieve minimal working pressures, the vacuum is drawn into broad diameter ducts. The following optional ancillary can be provided in both rotary and static dryers.


There are various vacuum tray dryers with CIP manufacturers in India. Moreover, there are various vacuum tray dryers with CIP manufacturers in Mumbai and Promas Engineering is among those well-known manufacturers. 

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