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An Overview of Rotary Cone Vaccum Dryer

The Rotary Cone Vacuum Dryer (RCVD) is ideal for drying materials that cannot withstand high temperatures, are easily oxidised, volatile and must be recovered, and are heavy irritants and poisonous in nature. RCVD integrates during service under vacuum, thanks to advanced technology. Complete solvent recovery allows for improved drying performance, low-temperature operations, and process economy with the RCVD. It facilitates GMP-compliant work by ensuring optimal dust management while also providing benefits such as effective material charging and discharging. Large lumps are first broken and then powdered in the drying machine, which is fitted with lump breakers (in a single cone). The dryer’s rotary action, combined with the breakers’ mechanical action, reduces drying time and results in a lump-free product. Bharat Process Equipment (BPE) provides a wide range of capacities in all material grades, ranging from 5 litres to 20000 litres.

A rotary vacuum dryer is a cylindrical, horizontal, rotating hollow-motioned shell. A batch, vacuum drying, heating through the jacket. A batch operation. The drier provides a simple but effective way to dry wet cakes and slurries sometimes. Thanks to vacuum and agitation, heat-sensitive materials can be dried.

Key Features

  • Low Vacuum Temperature for drying of product at low temperature,
  • Drying does not cause oxidation.
  • There is no powdery product dust development.
  • Reduced explosion hazard.
  • Large surface drying.
  • Optimal and continuous maintenance of vacuum during processing.
  • During operation work cone completely proof of leaks.
  • Quick retrieve with easy loading.
  • Unified Material mixed across the heated cone contact surface.
  • Suitable solvent collection size condensers and receptors.
  • Energy preventive checks to preserve operating efficiency.
  • Vacuum and heating sides mechanical screens.
  • Loading system for the handling of vacuum/gravity & bin
  • Connection to drive by a proximity switch.


  • Drying time is reduced.
  • Removes the need for lumps to be re-dried.
  • The end product is not handled or exposed.
  • Produces a dry product with a consistent scale.
  • The system is capable of processing lumpy crystalline or amorphous powders.
  • The internal surface is easy to clean, ensuring product purity.
  • Optimal and continuous vacuum throughout the process.
  • Shuffling of uniform material over the cone’s heated touch surface.

Working Application

Chemical industry

 Mixing of detergent powder, powder of fragrance, mixing of fertiliser, Pulver mixing, mixing of the foundry, glass powder, powder of iron ore, powder mixing of micronutrients and soap powder.

Animal Feeding Industry

Premix feed, feed with poultry, mineral feed, feed additional, a mix of water feeds, feed additives, feed a mix of animals, vitamin premix, trace elements.

Construction Materials Industry

Distemper paint, Gypsum Plaster mix, Fly Ash mix, abrasion powder, Cement mixer, ceramic material mix, Mortar mix and many more. Refabricating / Building materials

The enhanced technology in the Rotary Cone Vacuum Dryer from Promas Engineer integrates a vacuum drying operation. Enhance drying efficiency, low-temperature operation, and process economies for thermal-labile or heat-sensitive products through total solvent recovery. cGMP also helps with the optimum dust control, while providing the advantage of efficient material loading and unloading. The dryer is also available with an optional thermal system and is perfect for drying requirements in different industries, like APIs, chemicals, food, etc.

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