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Conventional Coating Pan is one such significant contributor machine.

The Ultimate Guide Of Conventional Coating Pan

Pharmaceutical firms use a variety of equipment for manufacturing and packaging methods. Conventional Coating Pan is one such significant contributor machine. This is one of the popular methods of coating film or sugar on the medication depending on the requirements, as the name implies. With the support of an aqueous or organic film, the coating pan is used to create a coat around the pellets. A semi-ellipsoidal pan with a circular cover is included in the device’s parts, which makes charging and discharging tablets easier. A motor and a gear are used to rotate this pan. It also contains a hot air blowing device that aids in the vaporisation of the medicine pellet’s moisture content.

Processes of Coating Pan

Film coating and sugar coating are the two most popular coating processes used by pharmaceutical companies. Sugarcoating is an ancient method of sugar-coating bulk tablets. Sugarcoating is a multi-step process that involves six separate steps. Sealing the tablet core, sub coating the core, smoothing, painting, polishing, and finally final printing are the phases.

In film coating, a polymer coating is applied to the exterior of tablets, capsules, and other similar objects. This form of coating, unlike sugar coating, is a one-step operation. A single spray of polymer, solvent, colourant, or plasticizer is usually used to coat medicines. After spraying the solvent on the medication within the revolving sheet, it is dried. The excess solvent is extracted after drying, leaving a thin layer of coating on the pellets.

There are three different types of Coating pans:

  1. Pellegrini Pan

This pan comes in a variety of sizes, ranging from ten to one thousand kilogrammes. A baffled pan and a diffuser are included in the Pellegrini Pan. This type of fan and diffuser work together to help spread heat evenly. Pellegrini pan can only be manoeuvred with a sugar coating, not a film coating. The inability of the pan to evenly heat the solution causes it to not dry uniformly in the film coating pattern, which is the cause of this limitation.

  1. Immersion Sword Coating Pan

They are further divided into two systems: PLG and GS. They vary due to the mechanism of hot air entering and exiting the device. The inlet to the PLG device is via a sword arrangement. The plenum is where exhaust air is extracted. The inlet to the GS system is through the plenum, and the exhaust air exits via two perforated systems.

  1. Industrial Use of a Traditional Coating Pan

The Coating Pan is widely used in the pharmaceutical and food industries. Pharma is a highly regulated industry that necessitates automation and well-equipped machines to reduce the risk of error. As a result, such machines are needed for a solid dose.

Features of Coating Pan

  • The regular pan is elliptical and positioned at a 30-degree angle. Pans in a variety of geometrical shapes and mounting angles are also available upon request.
  • The pan’s rotational speed can be modified. A thermostat-controlled hot air blower is provided to produce the necessary amount of air at temperatures ranging from 40° C to 80° C.
  • Shift the pan’s angle with the tilting mechanism.
  • Polishing pan with canvas lining that attaches to the drive hub quickly and easily.

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