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Pharmaceutical Machinery Manufacturers in India & Worldwide Market

The pharma machinery manufacturing industry has been growing rapidly with advanced technology. Due to the current scenario of the country, the disease is spreading hence there is a huge demand for various drugs in the market. In India, the growth of pharmaceuticals is predicted 18% into the last years. The pharma manufacturer in India is also enhancing themselves along with the pharma companies to meet their expectation for better growth. Indian pharma machinery companies are growing approximately 15% to 20% annually. Pharma manufacturers in India are utterly evolving with the times and supply the best quality product. 

The technological up-gradation in machinery is considered one of the value-added factors in any manufacturing product. Promas Engineers is one of the prime pharma manufacturers in Mumbai that believes to adopt the latest technology that brings ineffable growth. There is ample advancement in technology which significantly paves the ways for industrial development. The various machines are a vital part of pharma manufacturing for daily functioning. Sigma mixer is the most renowned device used for kneading and mixing high viscosity products. There are several trustworthy sigma mixer suppliers who engage in the process where excellent kneading and mixing operations take place. It perfectly blends and mixes the raw materials to generate a proper form of mixture that assures better distribution. There are many sigma mixer manufacturers who had a team of skilled manufacturers. As it requires a huge amount of time and effort for a better result. 

Pharma Machineries: India MarketPlace

Pharma manufacturers in India are becoming one of the rapidly growing sectors of the Indian Economy but rank 4th in the world. The annual turnover marked Rs 1,500 crore and growing at 10% pa in manufacturing sectors that comprise around 5% as compared to the global market in terms of value. The advancement in the joint ventures of India and foreign pharma companies proves India can make world-class pharma products at a reasonable price. There is a scope of opportunities for pharma manufacturers in Mumbai to deliver a better quality product with the stipulated timeframe. India is a global outsourcing sector for pharma products. 

The Actuals Figures- Pharma Machinery

  • Estimated market – Rs 1,500cr
  • Growth Rate – 10%
  • Machinery manufacturers – 400
  • Export of machines every year – Rs 200cr
  • Annual import – 5%

Pharma Machinery: Global Market

The pharma machinery which India makes is installed under FDA approved operations and supply in different countries Australia, the USA, Africa etc by fulfilling every parameter. The high quality and standards adopted by pharma machinery manufacturers in India eventually help some Indian companies to enter into some joint ventures. The worldwide healthcare and pharma market grew at the rate of 6.2%in 2009 and 34% of the share.  The largest market in North America is followed by Western Europe with a share of 29% and Asia with 24%.  The lowest share is 4.5% by Easter Europe. 

In the future, it will be somehow difficult to better pharmaceutical manufacturers as every industry secures their position in the market in order to gain a top result. 

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