Butterfly Valve is the engineer’s unique innovation that eases the work and fastens the manufacturing process. It is a quarter-turn rotational valve that is basically used to stop, revamp, and start the flow. A butterfly valve is simple and quick to open and 90-degree rotation handles dispense opening and closing of the valve. The large size butterfly valve conventionally equipped with the gearbox in the place where handwheel gear is connected to the stem. It helps to simplify the functioning of the valve but at the charge of speed.

Uses of Butterfly Valve

In the pharma, bulk drug, chemical, food industries, butterfly valves under full vacuum are the key system elements as they can be accompanied by the high performing equipment to manage the exquisite manufacturing products. It is generally the best suitable use for throttling valves, constant load applications, and space restrictive applications.

The butterfly valve can be used for various functionality:

  • Gas services and compressed air
  • Vacuum and Steam service
  • Food processing
  • Fire, gas, water, and air supply
  • In the oil and chemical industries
  • Lubrication system
  • Slurry and wastewater treatment
  • Pharmaceutical 
  • Sanitary Valve application
  • Power Generation
  • Marine system

Here is the diagram of the butterfly valve:

Promas Engineers present the best quality of Butterfly Valve. Let’s check out in the below image:

The butterfly valve usually operates based on the prompt shut-off working principle. The circular disc/ flap of the valve is placed in the middle of the center of the flanges of the pipe that allows a rod to go through it to the handle on the other side of the valve. The use of the handwheel, rotating metal disc/ flap for keeping the disc parallel and allows or closes the flow. 

Butterfly valves used to operate various modulating services and are also popular because of their lightweight functionality, lower costs, installation footprints, and availability in large sizes.


Butterfly valves offer diverse designs with additional functionality. There are various issues addressed by the R&D team of Vanpall Engineers in the association with Promas Engineers and draw out a simple solution that has benefited the API Pharma industry in billions. These are a special type of Butterfly valve mainly used in powder handling & under vacuum applications. The maintenance of such a butterfly is frequent in all these industries which in return hampers production. Whilst Vanpall’s newly designed valves can reduce the frequent breakdown of such valves. These valves are now available presently in 6”dia, 8” dia, 10 “ dia & 12” dia while any sizes can specifically be manufactured & offered as per the requirements.

Vanpall  Engineers address the major issue and draw out the beneficial solution for the betterment of the equipment operators. Even today, manufacturing workers apply pressure on the lever directly attached at 90 degree to the disc/flap, but after failing to open the valve due to the heavy load of 200kgs to 3000kgs (depending on the capacity of the equipment) of the material inside the equipment which, the operator starts hammering directly on the lever causing damage either by breaking the lever rod at the welding point on the flap or damaging the gasket of the valve. It deteriorated the instrument with huge losses. This crucial issue which causes huge losses in terms of cost of drying, electricity, and Labour due to the breakdown of the operation of the RCVD was resolved by Promas. This is addressed by the simple solution by gear-controlled operation with the ease of steering. Promos came up with the innovative idea by applying wheeling in the valve. Now workers can apply this new function without any hustle. Stay tuned to this space for more such innovations by Promas.

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