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An Overview of Multi Mill

A multi mill is a high-speed machine used for dry granulation, mixing, etc. Dry granulation is a process where the granules are formed without the addition of any liquid material. This process is commonly used for the ingredients that are needed to be granulated are moisture or heat sensitive. Multi Mill is a portable machine use in pharmaceuticals for cutting granules into small particles by the mechanism of mixing, granulating, pulverizing, chopping, and shredding a wide range of wet and dry materials without special attachments. The material flow path in the vertical rotor machine is streamlined, during comminuting material that enters through the chambers travels to the periphery and passes through the screen avoiding choking and temperature rise. 

 The components in Multi Mill are Hopper inlet, Milling Chamber, Discharge Point, Mechanical Chamber, and Technical Chamber. The principle of Multi Mill involves a variable force that rotates the blades having sharp edges with the careful screen size that is used to reduce particle in a manner. The multi mill has a variety of speeds to run depending on the manufacture, the multi mill can be operated from 720 to 2880 RPM. The parts of the Multi mill can be easily clean and dismantle, also the machine can be run for a long period of time continuously. There is a lot of advantages of using a Multi mill, It can be used for wet materials, easy to operate, available speed options, and requires less space to install the machine. The output of the machine usually depends upon the shape of the beaters(knife), speed, and screen size. The rotation of the beaters depends upon the product. These machines are usually used in industries like chemical, pharmaceutical, dyestuffs, and food processing. The material goes to the hopper, then it goes through the processing chamber after this, the material moves into the periphery, and passes through the screen. Lastly, the output gets collected into the collector placed below. These machines are available in many different forms like STD, GPM, and lab models. These multi mills can be customized according to the manufacturing industries or clients. The beaters are made of stainless steel and are coated with chrome to harden the blades. The screen can be switched to a cylindrical screen to achieve higher output. 

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