Vision Mission


“To be able to inherit nature’s way of using instincts, maintaining balance and delivering perfection”. Nature has its own way of creating ideas, bringing out the magic and showcasing amazing potential, just the way a woodpecker works.

An amazing characteristic of nature which has an unique way drawing the food, sap & other nutrients by chiseling through the bark of trees. Even in the adverse conditions, in its own vivid ways, it comes out with ways to cope and endure. We look upto its unique characteristic and draw inspiration. Our vision is to be the same strong, sturdy and determined force to be able to engage, service and deliver our products.


Nature has its mission to work intricately, without creating chaos and being in sync with its environment. Likewise, Promas® takes pride in following the same inspiration and achieving the mission of maintaining balance in all its endeavors. Whether it is an ethical approach in maintaining standards, precision in delivering or creating better opportunities. Our focus is to keep on innovating ideas to sustain quality, meeting benchmarks as well as providing essential technique towards better outcomes.

We Believe in

  • Perfection and accuracy
  • Client satisfaction
  • Inspiration and creation/li>
  • Evolution that leads to innovation -from a very small models to the plant scale equipment

Our Strengths

  • A complete state of the art laboratory with global standard trial equipment
  • Design department with up-to-date softwares and hardwares which is handled by innovative engineering talent
  • A Class workmanship attained by skilled employees who care for finish and look of the product as much as its engineered perfection
  • Expert public relations staff who can understand your design needs and are apt to deliver to your satisfaction
  • Continuous updating of systems, stock and procedures as per ISO and other International standards.
  • A FDA approved in house Public Testing Laboratory with sophisticated modern testing instruments get immediate results from the pilot plants trials.

Our Specialities

  • Creating innovative and cost effective designs as per your requirement to give you maximum and best output from our equipment
  • Providing Lab Models in exactly the same material to give the accurate results Design and supply of entire turnkey projects at any scale, from 500 kgs to 20,000 kgs capacities.

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