Fluid Bed Dryer


5 kilograms to 300 kilograms


To dry material by fluidisation with hot and or dehumidified air.

Working Principle of Fluid Bed Dryers

The atmospheric air is sucked in the dryer through 5/10 micron filter by an efficient dynamically balanced fan driven by an electric motor. The clean air then passes over the electric heaters steam or oil radiator provided with temperature controller. The hot air passes through the product and fluidisation dries the product. Dryer is provided with dehumidifier (Chilled water system) at the inlet of the dryer so as to dry the product at low temperature under fluidized condition. The blower speed is controlled by A. C. frequency drive so as to control the fluidisation avoiding choking of the filter bag. A raking system provided to avoid lump formation in the container to achieve uniform fluidisation & uniform drying. A model with complete automation and PLC, automatic bag shaking and with mimic is also offered. Promas Engineers is manufacturer, supplier and exporter of fluid bed dryers according to ISI guidelines and user’s requirements since 1990 from Mumbai to India and all over the world.

Our Specialities

  • Creating innovative and cost effective designs as per your requirement to give you maximum and best output from our equipment
  • Providing Lab Models in exactly the same material to give the accurate results Design and supply of entire turnkey projects at any scale, from 500 kgs to 20,000 kgs capacities.

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